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Thread: Insurance question - switching near due date

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    Default Insurance question - switching near due date

    A little background - DH was laid off from his job in November and we were under his insurance, so we switched to mine. Thankfully, he just got a new job but his insurance coverage doesn't start until 4/1 (I'm due March 29th). We will be switching to his new insurance at that time because I don't plan to return to work after the baby comes.

    My question is - does anyone know how the coverage is handled for the hospital delivery if I am there when the insurance changes? That is, if I am admitted at the end of March and discharged in April? Does it make a difference if the baby is actually born in March, but I am still in the hospital in April (or the other way around - admitted March 31, but baby not born until April)? Will everything be covered under the first plan if that is what I am admitted under, or will the charges/claims be split by the month in which they actually occur? Will I have to meet both deductibles for the one delivery?

    Of course, it will be much simpler if the little boy just holds out until April, or comes a few days early so I'm discharged before the end of March, but I just want to be prepared if insurance could be a mess, or if we'll have to pay a lot more out of pocket due to the switch.

    Thanks for any advice!

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    I don't really know, but didnt want to read and not post.

    My speculation would be this: The way my deliveries were billed was by day. I could see on my hospital bill what day each thing was done (any medication administered, a fee for the room, etc) plus there were separate bills for the ob that did the delivery and for the hospital stay, the pedi that checked the baby, the ob for doing the circumcision and nursery stay. It was all billed separately cause there are two patients, you and baby. Anyway, based on that I would think if you are there during the change over that you would just have to provide them with both insurance cards and they will most likely bill both of them and the insurance companies will be able to sort out the day the services were preformed and the day your coverage ended or started. If there Is a deductible for them then you may end up paying more out of pocket, that's jut my guess. I would call all parties involved and explain the situation to them and see what they say, I'm sure they can explain it to you and may even have some options for you. Good luck and congrats on DH's job!
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