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Thread: Need stroller for Tall Toddler!!

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    Default Need stroller for Tall Toddler!!

    Hiya Moms! I need some help from all the moms of tall toddlers. Our little man is 22 months and 38" tall. 33 pounds. He's too tall for his Chicco stroller which if any of you have one you know how the sides at the top (wings if you will) that are up by his head. Well, his head is well above that and his shoulders are where those 'wings' are and he's all smooshed in the darn thing. And he's only going to get taller. I had no idea we'd even have this type of problem and I also had no idea finding a stroller with a higher back would be next to impossible or so dang expensive. We've been researching strollers for the last few days and I'm at my wits end. We can't afford a $500.00 stroller for heavens sake. That's crazy. And the couple I've found don't even have a freakin' cup holder. For me or for him. And the storage underneath is smaller than our Chicco. Any one have any suggestions? I've found a brand called Phil & Ted (never even heard of them before last week) and there's another one that's escaping my memory. Vibe or something like that, good heaven's they're so much money. I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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    This was very close to the time we started holding hands and walking more than using strollers. I probably wouldn't go out and buy one at this point.

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    Yes, we used our stroller a lot less from about age 2 on and got rid of it entirely around 2.5. We used a BOB Revolution -- they're around $350 new, but in our area gently used ones go for around $200. It's a jogger, but we used it for shopping trips etc. as well. I mention it because the seat area is very big. I think it would probably fit an average 5 year old.
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    Well we go on lots of walks and that is why we need the stroller. Hand holding is not an option because there are no sidewalks where we live and busy streets. He's not 2, he's 1. He's barely talking. He's certainly not going to walk holding my hand for a 2-3 mile walk everyday. In any case I needed a stroller rec., that's what this post is for. I'm glad for all of you who posted that your kid doesn't need a stroller anymore, but mine does. Please don't make me feel like there's something wrong with my kid because I'm looking for a stroller for a 1 yr old who is freakishly tall for his age.
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    Is it not an option because you fear his safety? If that's the case I would get an animal backpack with a "leesh" to keep him safe from getting away too far. I also found this stroller that holds toddlers up to 50 pounds. $79 instead of $500.

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    We stopped using a stroller around 14-15 months. My son could go on two mile walks before age two w/o a problem.

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    I try to go on a lot of walks with my kids, too. I have an umbrella stroller I use in stores or airports (for containment purposes), but haven't used it more than once or twice since my son turned two I think. Mine have been able to go on 2-mile walks by the time they were 2, 3-mile walks by the time they were 3, etc., and my 5-year-olds routinely go on 5-mile walks on weekends. I had to switch my diaper bag to a backpack bag to make it easier to carry waters and snacks for everyone once I gave up the stroller.

    Other than that, I would recommend a jogging stroller if you're planning on using it for a while. You can get used ones for a reasonable price. However, just like a lot of other adjustments I didn't look forward to (transitioning out of the infant car seats, out of cribs, out of strollers), there is a period of adjustment and then you figure out the best system for your life and somehow everything gets a little easier again.

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    My girl is also about 38 - 39 inches, and this is the stroller we have for her (I think...).

    She's definitely getting big for it, but I'm fine with that. Like others, she can walk a few miles without needing it, so we mostly bring it to carry all our stuff (we go for hikes and have picnic lunches out in the middle of no where, don't want to lug all that stuff around!). But we are starting to bring it less and less, and like Lydia, just figuring out how to fit all our stuff in back packs (mostly Camelbacks). Maiya's pretty good at not asking too often (unless it's uphill or she didn't sleep well the night before) but when she does, we don't give her a free ride any more!

    Last summer, we we went swimming at the lake and had a picnic lunch, and Maiya's 7 year old friend was there, too. After a long day of swimming, the girls didn't want to walk up and down all those hills, so this is how we finished the last half mile:

    Yes, the 7 year old is very short, and not much taller than my (at the time) 27 month old, but you can see that the stroller held up well. It says the weight limit is 40 lbs, but the two of them together are 68, and it was, and still is, fine... It's still going strong, and that's after 2 years of off roading!

    So, while I agree with the others that I wouldn't buy a new stroller for a 22 month old, if you are looking for one that might hold up well, I do like ours.
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    Hi!! I just saw your old post... Im desperate looking for a new jogger/buggy/ stroller whatever that fits my nearly 1 year old super super tall. I went to a shop with him and from BOB, TFK, baby jogger city and others, the longest on the seat was phil & teds vibe / verve
    but I see soooooo many bad reviews about it, and no other solution...
    can you please let me know which one you found?
    I have an offer of 200 euros for a P&T explorer. but I think the explorer is like the new navigator, and we tried the navigator on the shop and was super narrow... could fit him just ok but not for much longer. really strange.

    thanks a lot for the help
    Jacqueline from Berlin - Germany

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