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Thread: 39 Weeks & Baby decided to turn posterior!

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    Default 39 Weeks & Baby decided to turn posterior!

    39 Weeks.

    I have been vigilant about doing everything to get baby in an optimal position. He was engaged head down back out as of Thursday (as per my midwife). Then yesterday I felt him do something funny when I was out walking. Now he is occiput posterior. I feel his little hands wiggling in the front and his heart beat can now be found on the right side (when his back was facing out I could feel it on the left). I have still been doing all my exercises trying to to get him so his back is facing out again, but I can't get him to budge. I have been scouring but not having any luck.

    Any suggestions?


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    I don't know, but I hope he turns for you. Have you called midwife to tell her he turned? She might have some ideas.

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    Don't worry so much about it. Babies change position during labor to get into the optimal position for birth. Try to relax and not fret over positioning too much at this point. A lot can change once labor starts.
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