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Thread: Night weaning??

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    Default Night weaning??

    Hi ladies

    I was planning to wait until 1 to do the pantley pop off and gently wean my lil girl. But for the past 2 nights she has slept all night so she seems to be night weaning herself. Do you guys think if she starts to wake in the middle of the night I should encourage the night weaning my refusing to nurse or just wait until 1? She is 10 months. I am also getting really full should I pump to avoid clogs?

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    I'd try to settle her down without nursing. She's getting into a good habit, and I'd want to keep that going.

    As far as pumping, I've found that pumping completely empty after the baby goes to sleep seems to help me get through the night w/o engorgement. And eventually, your supply will just adjust.

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