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Thread: Been told multiple things no idea what to believe.

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    Default Been told multiple things no idea what to believe.

    Me and my boyfriend always had unprotected sex. In Nov i was suppose to start Nov 23 and ended up starting the 24 i was a day late. Mind you that i have always had my period in the 28 day cycle and they normally last for 4-5 days. Dec i got sore boobs a week before i was suppose to start. Dec i was suppose to start the 23 but i didnt end up starting till 25 and it only lasted 2 days and the first day was a normal bleed and the second was a spotting not normal in anyway. I have also had cramping, a twitching feeling, and a pressure feeling when i lay on it or when i aint doing anything in my lower stomach which no one has been able to explain. Jan 2 i started spotting and it lasted till the next day i went in to my doctor on the 2 to see what was going on and he told me that that is a normal period but i would know normal for my body. I talked with another nurse who said i could possibly be pregnant and went with my friend to her doctors appt and asdked him about everything and he said it could be a possible miscarriage or my fallopian tubes misfiring. Also a couple of my friends said that it could be my body changing. I have taken HPT at the beginning of the month which said neg. I would like to know whats going on with my body cause this is kinda driving me nuts. I have recently had sore boobs and all the lower stomach pains and some minor backaches. One of the HPT i took was the first response and i watched to see what line was coming in and the pregnant line came in and then faded away to neg what could that possibly mean????
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