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    Hi all!
    Last month (12/15) I got a BFP. The next day (Day 32 of my cycle) AF started. Went to my OBs, got labs done and they said it was either a chemical preg. or very early miscarriage (not sure what the difference is). I had one final lab drawn on 12/28 and my hcg was at 3.
    Then, on 1/2/13 I got a pos. ovulation. DTD that night. I got a BFP yesterday which I think is day 34 of my cycle (i.e. 2 days late). I say "I think" because my counting got messed up from the last month.
    My problem is, I just don't trust it. I am looking for reassurance that this BFP is not just residual hormones from the last pregnancy. It can't be right? My HCGs got down to 3 AND I got a pos. ovulation. I want to be excited about this, but I don't want to get my hopes up if for some reason it's not true.

    What do you all think? A new pregnancy or could it still be left over from last time?

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    An home pregnancy test usually wont be postivie unless the hcg is 50 or above, your last one from previous pregnancy was 3, also you wouldn't have ovulated if you still had hcg in your system from last pregnancy. So bfp it is! Congrats!

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    It is not residual. Most newer pregnancy tests wont register until HCG is above 10. I know this cause I had a BFP on an answer test when my numbers came back at 12. It is a new pregnancy and any HCG below 5 is considered negative. I would call your OB so you can get in soon. Congrats!

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    I also think that this is a new pregnancy. Call your OB as they will likely want to check your hormones a few times to make sure that the numbers are rising appropriately. Congrats!
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    Thanks all! I know it seems to be a Captain Obvious question but for some reason I just didn't fully trust it. Will call the docs on Monday! I need to keep my fingers and legs crossed that this one is going to stick...

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    Sounds like a new pregnancy! All the previous posters are correct, at home tests will not register levels that low. I know this personally because after one of my losses I had to have blood draws every week to make sure my HcG levels cleared (since I refused a D&C and let it all happen naturally) I was in such denial that even when I would get results I would still take an EPT hoping to see "something" Like the baby would magically come back. Never registered....

    Congrats! You should see your Doc just incase though, since the timing is so close to your loss you may want to have your progesterone levels checked.
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    I hope all goes well for you!
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    Sounds like a new pregnancy to me! What you described is exactly what happened to me at this time last year. I had a chemical pregnancy and then got pregnant the cycle immediately afterwards. My son is now 3 and a half months old! Congratulations!

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    Agree w the others - sounds like a new one to me!

    I know what you're feeling though - same thing happened to me with DD1 - had a chemical one month and got pregnant with her the next! I've read that you're most fertile the month following a m/c (even a chemical pregnancy) and it sure seemed that way for me!

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