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Thread: 3 yr old with constant bleeding eardrum

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    Default 3 yr old with constant bleeding eardrum

    Has anyone had any experience with this? My DS's left eardrum goes through phases where it will drain blood/bloody fluid over weeks at a time. This is the second time in a year that we are going to see an ENT Doctor...but the appointment isn't for another month. I'm guessing that there is some complication from when his ear tubes fell out about a year and a half ago. At his last ENT appt, his hearing test was good and the Dr said that the eardrum will heal on it's own and didn't seem concerned about any complications. But this is constantly happening. Seems like it should not be happening like this so much.

    Any advice?

    ~Jenn~ Mom to Ethan - my heart surgery survivor - born 6/29/09

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    I dont have an answer, but GL! Ill be thinking of him and praying its nothing serious.

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    Might just mean he still has an opening in the ear drum that is allowing stuff to drain, which I would think is a good thing. Similar to having the tubes, just with no tube, keeping the gunk from growing bacteria and becoming infected. I hope they say it is ok!

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    My nephew had this happen after his tubes fell out. He had a tiny hole in his eardrum. They patched it with a tiny skin graft and he hasn't had a bit of trouble since. Good luck. Kup

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    Thanks everyone! I'm hoping that he doesn't have to get it patched, but if that's what it takes to stop all this, then let's do it. Poor guy!
    ~Jenn~ Mom to Ethan - my heart surgery survivor - born 6/29/09

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