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    We're going to (finally) do photos. I don't want all of us in the same outfits or all in very similar clothing. But i supppose that there has to be some planning in terms of aesthetics. Anyone have tips for good family photos? (I'll ask the photographer, too, and i'll post whatever she says here, but in the meantime...)
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    Don't match, but pick a general theme. Like narrow it down to one or two accent colors. For instance, this summer we did some photos on the fly and I told the kids to wear some shade of blue/green or orange. And at christmas I told them they could wear black, grey and red. I wore a red top with grey drapey sweater, dh wore a grey/black/red arglye sweater, DS#1 wore a white shirt, black vest and red tie, ds #2 wore a red shirt with grey sweater over it, DD#1 wore a black dress with red flowers and black sweater, DD#2 and #3 wore black pants with red sweater dress, DD#4 wore black shirt and tights with red skirt. It maybe sounds too matchy, but for some of us it was just a flash of red showing, and others more, the shades of red varied too. Of course I was cordinating 8 people, so a bit more tricky.

    If you are just doing 3 people, I would start with what you want to wear, and then pick something that goes nicely for the guys. If you are going to wear a bl ue dress, hubby could wear a blue tie, and DS could wear a sweater with a bit of blue shirt showing. Doesn't have to be the same color blue.

    Layers work well too, so a jacket over a blouse with a scarf or chunky jewelry if that was your style, and the pick colors from that for the guys. There are some great links, I'll see if I can find them.

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    This is the link our photographer sent

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    We usually just wear solid colors, but don't coordinate or anything. Avoiding dark colors is a good idea too, b/c sometimes the black backgrounds seep into the clothes in the picture.

    I don't have any fashion advice since I have no fashion sense.

    Be sure to share your photos when you have them taken!

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    We picked grays as our base neutral-we all had gray and black on (except John. He wore jeans) and then we picked jewel tones for our pops of color-he had plum on, the girls had turquoise and green, I had turquoise and a bit of plum.

    My friend who is a photographer told me that she suggests picking like two accent colors and building. Not matching, but lets say you pick orange and blue. You might wear a blue dress with a scarf with orange, or orange in a necklace. He might wear an orange toned button up with a blue sweater so the orange collar is showing. Little one might wear blue pants and a shirt with white and orange or even a plaid with blue and orange to pull them together. (This was in reference to outdoor photography with some candid type of shots, following us around snapping shots at a park. In-studio photography might have other guidelines)

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    I second the veteran's mom advice to pick your outfit and then coordinate the boys. Pick a color that compliments your complexion and avoid all black or strong colors because they will stand out. But I think the color coordination is not that important as long as there are no clashing colors. This year we received a lot of cards with family photos and it seems that the best ones were those where the kids coopearated and mom and dad managed to compose themselves and smile. There were several where the parents had this frozen look on their face. We have one of those too from DS1 first Chrsitmas. Since your LO is only 3 I would be more careful with the time so he is not oevrtired, cranky, and the location. Our friends took their at a lake adn the kids were running around too much, the photographer did not have much time and the pics are nice but my friend does not look at ther best.

    Also keep in mind that now they can touch up and change colors too. So IME some color coordination is great but not everything. Our best photo was the boys in white shirts with dark pants, DH in blue shirt with dark pants and I was in black pants with top that had blue and white pattern. We were outside next to a tree and the pics came perfect. But i hired someone to come to the house adn asked that she be on time, it was 11 a.m. We took them to a playground for an hour, then brought them home,fed them snacks and got ready. They cooperated and everyone looked happy.
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    Do you have a plan of where in your home you will display the photo? I would try to pick colors that go with that room. I agree with picking 2 colors and coordinating those. It will also depend on where you are taking the photos. If it's outside with a lot of green trees/grass I would stay away from green. If you are at a beach, white is kind of a classic beach thing but colors look nice too. I might avoid tan or brown in a beach pic.
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    We did nice portraits before Christmas. We all just wore jeans, black tops of some sort and black socks.

    They did a soft blue background and we sat on black draped stairs.... the pictures turned out VERY nice!!

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    If you can look at the background colors ahead of time that might your decisions on what colors to use. We did orange and blue in our first family pictures. Our background was brown and it turned out really good. I would try to limit with it to a couple of colors everything doesn't have to match but, the color scheme could be the same. IMO- I would dress up if you only plan on getting one family portrait a year .

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    We had our family pictures done this summer. We always do them outside. This summer we did grey, black, white and yellow, last year blue and purple, year before black, white and red. No one wore the same shirts etc. My siggy picture is one from our family pictures this summer.

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    I love this site for inspiration...

    check out the archives for other ideas too.
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    Thank you for the advice!

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