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Thread: Frustrated and want to know.....

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    So my period was on 12.09.12 never late on periods. i had unprotected sex 12.17.12 and 12.18.12 i am currently 10 days late. took 3 tests so far dates are 12.31.12, 01.04.13, and 01.09.13 (day of period) i have breast tenderness for 3 wks now slightly highented sense of smell ,moodiness bloated stomach, none of my typical signs of period. Just wanted to see if you ladies ever experianced the same thing as me...........havent tested since the 9th.

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    test on 9th was the day of my expected period but i never got it

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    You can certainly test again now that you are officially late. Some tests don't show a positive before you have missed a period. So, test again!
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    The only way to know for sure is to test. Sometimes it takes a few days after you're late for it to show positive. Good luck.

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