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Thread: Been told multiple things no idea what to believe.

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    Default Been told multiple things no idea what to believe.

    Me and my boyfriend always had unprotected sex. In Nov i was suppose to start Nov 23 and ended up starting the 24 i was a day late. Mind you that i have always had my period in the 28 day cycle and they normally last for 4-5 days. Dec i got sore boobs a week before i was suppose to start. Dec i was suppose to start the 23 but i didnt end up starting till 25 and it only lasted 2 days and the first day was a normal bleed and the second was a spotting not normal in anyway. I have also had cramping, a twitching feeling, and a pressure feeling when i lay on it or when i aint doing anything in my lower stomach which no one has been able to explain. Jan 2 i started spotting and it lasted till the next day i went in to my doctor on the 2 to see what was going on and he told me that that is a normal period but i would know normal for my body. I talked with another nurse who said i could possibly be pregnant and went with my friend to her doctors appt and asdked him about everything and he said it could be a possible miscarriage or my fallopian tubes misfiring. Also a couple of my friends said that it could be my body changing. I have taken HPT at the beginning of the month which said neg. I would like to know whats going on with my body cause this is kinda driving me nuts. I have recently had sore boobs and all the lower stomach pains and some minor backaches. One of the HPT i took was the first response and i watched to see what line was coming in and the pregnant line came in and then faded away to neg what could that possibly mean????
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    I think the biggest thing is to try and relax - you can MAJORLY mess up your cycle by worrying about things like this.
    I'd take another test, if you see any kind of a positive line - at any point during the time frame - I'd go into the doc to get checked out.
    If the test is negative, I think you can be pretty darn sure you're not pregnant. HPTs are pretty good so you should be able to trust the outcome.
    This all being said, if you don't want a child, you REALLY REALLY REALLY need to get some kind of birth control!! You're going to get pregnant eventually!!

    Best of luck!

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    We do want kids eventually he is currently deployed rite now so getting pregnant in my near future without him will be pretty hard. My family has always had problems with HPT they never showed up on one untill they are about 3 months along. I have kinda not worried about it that much lately do to me being busy and staying occupied but when i have time off and have those things going on kinda makes me start to wonder about it.

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    The stress of him being deployed has probably thrown your cycle off. I would test again with first morning urine.

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