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    I’m new here this is my 2nd thread and found that my 1st thread helped me a lot to ease my stress levels; reading from the girls that posted gave my hope. For many reasons, one being I’m almost 40 and found I could connect with their stories as well…

    I have a 13 year old DS, the light of my life (our miracle child)... Both DH and I have fertility problems, 8 years of TTC, I had various miscarriages and about 2 years ago I was told I wasn’t ovulating. DH and I needed quality time without stress of TTC and I am blessed with a son so we decided to stop TTC 2 years ago.

    On Wednesday (January 16th) I found out I am pregnant… I had 70.43 ng/mL in Progesterone levels and 119.5 mIU/mL in HCG levels . I have never had those kind of high numbers in my previous losses, so I thought it was a good sign, but I couldn’t find it in me to jump up and down with joy. Not because I didn’t want it, but because I still couldn’t believe it. I was scared to believe and as always something going wrong.
    It’s still very early and I don’t have 5 weeks yet… I know when I ovulated because I had a U/S done when I was told I was ovulating (to our surprise). That was 2 weeks ago. But counting my 1st day of my last cycle it is 4 weeks 4 days. Since I am a “high risk” pregnancy and with my multiple miscarriage history, my OBGYN saw me today….

    Here enters my frustration ; the DR did an u/s and found fluid outside my uterus area (that's a new one for me) and no visible sac in the uterus just a thin line. She said it’s too early to see one . She didn’t mention “ectopic pregnancy” at any moment during our conversation. “Just that there is no sac is visible at the moment because it’s too early and that the fluid could just mean a cyst rupture, nothing that would harm my pregnancy but she has to monitor it” . She doesn’t want me stressing (YEAH RIGHT) and to relax (LIKE ITS POSSIBLE). She reassured me that I am still pregnant and said that until she has the new numbers and u/s next week, she will not make any rush decisions. She knows how long I have waited for a BFP and that she knows how much this baby is wanted and would not rush just yet to any decision, it’s too early to make that determination. My numbers are going up (they were taken again today) and that I am doing well at the moment (I have no pain and no bleeding). But that she needsto be sure the pregnancy is progressing correctly and rule out all possible factors at the moment. I asked her if it was an ectopic pregnancy and she firmly (in a nice way) said that she wasn’t going to rush to that conclusion until she could see more next week.

    She has been my DR for so many years and has seen me go through everything and I know she dosn't want to rush to make the final call. I know she wants to rule out an “ectopic pregnancy”, I know the drill. So I am left in a waiting process. She wants to see me again next week. I have to test my levels on Monday and repeat on Wednesday. She’ll repeat another u/s then.

    Can anyone relate?? Has anyone had fluid like that in their pregnancy??? Is the fluid a positive sign of ectopic pregnancy even if my progesterone and HCG levels go up?? I have no pain and I'm not bleeding is that a good sign??

    I am trying to keep calm, stress free and relaxed (NOT EASY)... DH says he won't think something is wrong until he can visibly see it…. But I ‘m frustrated. The waiting process is stressful on its own .

    EDITED TO ADD THIS:::: And another thing; If it’s an ectopic pregnancy, isn’t dangerous to wait?? (I Know my DR said it's still early, but it has been on my mind "when is it to late")
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    You posted this on a funny board, you might want to repost in the pregnancy section, unless a mod can move it?

    But, I would say everything sounds great! Like she said, it is too early to see anything. It doesn't sound like you have any reason to believe it is ectopic, you are just nervous? It can be dangerous, but you are being checked again next week. It might still be too early for a heart beat, but you should probably be able to see a sac. I forget the reason why, but generally hcg levels do not rise appropriately in an ectopic pregnancy, and low levels, or slow rising levels are an indication the pregnancy isn't in the right spot. Since things are going so smoothly for you I don't think you should worry about ectopic!

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    Didn’t realize I had posted in the funny board, still new at all this…

    Yes I have analyzed the days and it is too soon, I know I ovulated 2 weeks ago because of a u/s, so it’s still very early. My numbers seem to be good and I know my DR just wants to be sure. Yes it did make me nervous, what I’ve heard of ectopic pregnancy is scary.
    I read in a forum today; on the day a woman found out she was pregnant and they found fluid from a ruptured cyst when they did a u/s. She also had to wait to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. As it turns out that was all it was a ruptured cyst and her pregnancy progressed. That was my confusion, I didn’t know a cyst could rupture while being pregnant, never heard of it. So like my DR said, “until I am told otherwise, everything is ok”.

    Surprisingly I have managed to stay calm and I am thinking positive thoughts. Now all my other worries have taken a back seat, I just want it to be a viable pregnancy. Still NO pain and NO bleeding, that is great for me .

    Thank you for your post

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