I've had a horrible day today at work. The past week I've been so emotional and cry at the drop of a hat and today my boss found two mistakes I made and he ripped me up and down. I'm so depressed on top of us running into a lot of unexpected problems and cost a lot of money to fix so our finances are all out of wack, then I'm frustrated that I'm waiting for AF to not show up so I can schedule an U/S a week later. I'm going no where. Then to top it off... My best friend since the 5th grade, just told me on my lunch break she is pregnant. PREGNANT! I'm devastated, really really devastated. I love her to death, I truly do but she knew the trouble I've been having and it hurts so bad when she wasn't even trying, the condom broke. Then she said I could be the god mother... I'm touched, but so hurt.