I am a Christian and James doesn't believe in God. I've always raised Cameron to believe what I do, she has been baptized, goes to Sunday School etc. I started church with her before James and I started dating and before he took over the father figure role. I never felt that I should change what Cameron and I do because of my relationship with James. James and I are now separated, about a year now, but are expecting twins. Clearly we are not separate enough. ;)

Anyway here is where my question comes in. I want the babies baptized. James has a very "whatever" attitude about it. He thinks that people who are religious are ignorant and doesn't care if I "splash water" on them. We are planning on a hospital baptism, hopefully Nathaniel will live long enough to be alive during the baptism, but regardless my pastor will baptize them together. I still feel bad that I'm choosing to baptize his sons when he cares so little for religion.

Should I just be glad he is indifferent to having them "splashed with water" and that we aren't fighting over it? How would you feel about it if your DH wanted to baptize your children? Right now I'm pretty set that I will do what I want since I won't have a chance to baptize Nathaniel later on and it's not something that can wait. I just feel bad that I'm doing something to his sons that he doesn't care about. Thanks for any input.