Help I need advise from anyone you may ever been in the same situation. In October 2012 when I was 6 weeks pregnant (first pregnancy) at a scan they told me the fetus has stopped growing (i was devastated!) and after waiting 5 weeks I decided to opt for a D&C. I had the normal expected bleeding afterwards and 29 days later had a period (that started on the 10th December 2012). After that we decided to start trying again and by the 15th of January I took a pregnancy test as I was tired and moody and period was late. It was positive!! According to dates i would be 5 weeks 4 days along. We were so happy. But today the 19th of jan I suddenly started bleeding like my period is starting. I am 30 years old and we desperately want a family. I haven't been to the doc but will go soon just stressed out that this is a miscarriage!