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    So I talked to DH last night and even though he says he's supportive of my choice to see a doctor if AF comes since we have been trying for a yr. (he points out that there has been a 2 month break when he PCS'd without us). He says he looks at me with rose colored glasses and we have 1 child and I did get pregnant again even if it did end in a miscarriage so with that reasoning, I should be able to get pregnant again and there is nothing wrong with me. I know that there are risks since I had an IUD for so long and it did get embedded in me (TMI) and I am 30. I know that your chances don't really go down till 35, but I am worried about my age being a factor. My Mom and sister both went through menopause earlier than most and even though I did not have periods for 3 yrs, I am worried that I am going to start before I am done having kids. He already said that if there is nothing wrong with me and they want to check him, that it's not happening. He feels he hasn't been around anything in the past yr that would have affected his ability to have kids or his sperm count and therefore, nothing is wrong in his department. Maybe I am just stressing too much and it's keeping me from getting pregnant. But I have been in the same boat as I was when we conceived DS 4 yrs ago. We had been trying and then I find out my sis was pregnant with another kid with another man, same thing now with friends and other family getting pregnant. His perfect view of me is just annoying me now. I am human and I know that I am a paranoid, psychotic, OCPD, crazy, flawed woman!!! I say some of those in all lightheartedness. I have never been diagnosed with any mental disorders. I do meditation and I have been telling myself I can and will get pregnant, but if I am not currently than I feel I need some peace of mind. Thank you Ladies for listening to my rant.

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    I definitely understand what you are going through, and I think you are very smart for wanting to figure out what is going on. It is generally considered that fertility declines after the age of 35, but that can happen to some earlier that that. I wish I hadn't waited 2 years of TTC before seeking answers- I'll be 33 in March, and it has been 4 years of STC for us. For you guys, it might even be as simple as taking additional folic acid, aspirin, or clomid. If you are thinking about seeing someone, I wouldn't wait too much longer. It is sweet that your DH has such a rosy vision of you, and seeking answers and maybe a little help really shouldn't change that. Good luck to you!

    Erica 33, DH 34, STC for 4+ years, Diagnosed DOR 4/2011, mom to 4 , Barbados IVF March 2013!!!

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    Thanks!! The only issues I have with the rosy outlook is I am already so super critical of myself that it adds a pressure to me to be even more so perfect. It's my issue, not his and I know this. I just really feel like I need to be proactive with this. I see STC a lot, what does that stand for? I do think that I do O since I have conceived 2 babies, but I never checked for signs with either of them and now I am almost super aware of all that my body does and doesn't do. I'm not going to wait past tomorrow. If AF shows or the HPT tomorrow is neg than I am going to call for an appointment. DH is gone training till the middle of next month so the next we would get to try would be in March and that would give me some time to see someone and get any tests done.

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    I know how you feel. DH and I have been trying for over a year, and it has been really frustrating. It's hard when you want a baby NOW and it's just not happening. I'm sorry he is being...too optimistic?? Not sure if that's the right word. I think regardless of what he is willing to do, you should go see a doctor. I went to see my doctor and while I am not sure she can do anything to help (she thinks it's mostly stress related since I am regular), I did feel better talking to someone and getting her professional opinion. And we are doing all the tests just in case. My husband had his sperm checked (all normal) and it was awkward, but the nurses didn't care, they do it all day every day! It's really not that bad.

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    I guess DH was on to something, I had a positive test this morning!!! So I guess it really was all in God's timing

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    Congratulations on the BFP I've been there too, and know all about having to wait (impatiently) on God's timing.

    By the way, STC means "Struggling to Conceive".

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    Thank you KatieN. I have been raking my brain trying to figure it out and for some reason that never came to mind. I was thinking in the still trying to conceive area but that never made sense, there weren't enough letters

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