So I talked to DH last night and even though he says he's supportive of my choice to see a doctor if AF comes since we have been trying for a yr. (he points out that there has been a 2 month break when he PCS'd without us). He says he looks at me with rose colored glasses and we have 1 child and I did get pregnant again even if it did end in a miscarriage so with that reasoning, I should be able to get pregnant again and there is nothing wrong with me. I know that there are risks since I had an IUD for so long and it did get embedded in me (TMI) and I am 30. I know that your chances don't really go down till 35, but I am worried about my age being a factor. My Mom and sister both went through menopause earlier than most and even though I did not have periods for 3 yrs, I am worried that I am going to start before I am done having kids. He already said that if there is nothing wrong with me and they want to check him, that it's not happening. He feels he hasn't been around anything in the past yr that would have affected his ability to have kids or his sperm count and therefore, nothing is wrong in his department. Maybe I am just stressing too much and it's keeping me from getting pregnant. But I have been in the same boat as I was when we conceived DS 4 yrs ago. We had been trying and then I find out my sis was pregnant with another kid with another man, same thing now with friends and other family getting pregnant. His perfect view of me is just annoying me now. I am human and I know that I am a paranoid, psychotic, OCPD, crazy, flawed woman!!! I say some of those in all lightheartedness. I have never been diagnosed with any mental disorders. I do meditation and I have been telling myself I can and will get pregnant, but if I am not currently than I feel I need some peace of mind. Thank you Ladies for listening to my rant.