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    hey everyone!!!
    so i am having some pregnancy symptoms and i was wondering what yalls input is as to if yall think im pregnant or if its just my head !!
    well i didnt have any obvious signs of pregnancy till i was 8 dpo and had some brownish/pinkish spotting(tmi) sorry but it lasted for like 30 mins and had some cramps with it... ive also been experiencing headache, fatigue, sore boobies, some nausea here and there, bleeding gums(not sure if thats pregnancy related or not) i also had vivid dreams of getting positive pregnancy tests and have a real strong sense of smell...
    what do you ladies think? should i take a test yet? im now 12 dpo and still feel nauseas even right now i dont feel to good

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    Sounds promising!! I would test tomorrow morning with FMU! Good luck!!

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    It does sound very promising. Bleeding gums is a good indicator if you are a regular brusher and bleeding gums is not something you have had. The hormones in your body and the increase in the amount of blood in your body causes you to bleed easier. When I got my BFP with DS is was after a nap and I woke up and just had this feeling like I should test. Let us know how things turn out.

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