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Thread: All July 2012 birth date momma!!!

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    Default All July 2012 birth date momma!!!

    Just wanted to say HELLO....How are all of you?

    I've not been on in forever since Em was born. Just wanted to see how everyone & their LO's are doing...We're doing great, the kiddos are growing up so fast, but everyone is just peachy....

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    Hi! Glad to see you guys are doing great! We have a group on FB, if your friends with Natalie you may want to see if she can add you since she created the group (if I remember right, lol!)

    *Kimberly* Mommy to Hayden (7), Alexis (5), Makenzie & Brooke (18m)!
    Looking for some bows for your little one? check us out -->

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    YES, here I am!! I can add you to our FB group if you have an account...just PM me your info!

    So glad you're doing well! Pictures? Please?!

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