My awesome nanny takes DS to a gym class on Monday mornings. The director of the gym asked her if she would ever want to work there. My nanny ran it by me, and I was supportive (though annoyed). She is finishing her masters in education and wants to ultimately work in developing programming for children at a museum or something like that. I know it will be good on her resume, and she said she would only work there on Saturdays and Sundays. For me, she generally works 3 days a week, but those days are pretty flexible if either of us needs to switch. I retain more flexibility of course, but we compensate her and treat her very well.

I believe (and the moms with whom I've spoken, as well as DH, agree) the Director should have called me first to ask my opinion. She is basically trying to poach my nanny - a great way for her to lose customers, IMO. So should I call an express my frustration? Or just let it go? My nanny said she won't work there during the week, but I just asked her to switch days next week, and she can't because she has training. I don't want to cause problems for my nanny, but I do want to let the Director know I'm angry. Not sure what it will accomplish, I suppose.