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Thread: When does supply return after AF?

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    Default When does supply return after AF?

    Ugh I just wrote this whole thing up and my computer crapped out on me!

    I just got my first PP AF back DD is only 6 months! She is 100% BF and only eats 2 oz of solids/day. She still gets up at least 2-3xs/night. I have no idea why AF is back.

    Ironically I had been pumping earlier in the week because I need a break from the night feedings and was not getting a lot when pumping. Now I know why. DD has been kind of cranky too so I am thinking it's all related.

    When should I see my supply increase? Anything I should be doing? I don't know why I don't remember this with my other 2 but they were older and I was less concerned about supply since they were eating more solids.
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    I was always short several days to a week. It was awful the short time I was working. My baby just nursed more more and was fine.
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    My supply tanked for like three days leading up to AF, and then started going back up again the day after AF started. Yeah, I got AF back at only three months PP, and I'm EPing.

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