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Thread: Poor Nathan is Sick Again

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    Default Poor Nathan is Sick Again

    Poor kid can't win for losing. He seemed to be fine when he went to his dad's on Friday, but he came home last night very sick. He breathing is HORRIBLE. No fever this time, but wheezing and struggling to breathe. Erin took him to the doctor this morning. They never came right out and put a name to what he has, and Erin was flustered and distracted and didn't ask. They gave him a steroid shot there in the office because his breathing was so bad. So now he's on Prednisone again, another antibiotic, and the ever-present (in the winter, anyway) breathing treatments that we needed more medication for anyway. I don't know if he just wasn't completely over the pneumonia even though he was done with the antibiotic so that it got worse again, or if there's something at his dad's house making him sick. J said they keep the house rather cool, which is why they didn't take him the previous weekend when they should have while he was sick, and they have cats, which we've often wondered if he's allergic to.
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    Oh gosh, poor little guy! I hope he's feeling better soon!

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    Thanks, Jennifer. Me, too!
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