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Tigger, I'm so glad the option is out there for you! Insurance costs can be ridiculous and aren't as basic as some think! My brother and his wife make a lot of money together but they barely get by sometimes because their insurance is so expensive...it's absurd!

Your DH pays into the system through his taxes also. I sure hope you don't feel you have to justify your choices to *anyone* (((hugs)))!

I can't tell you enough how happy I am for you lots and lots of ***sticky vibes***!
I don't feel I have to justify to anyone. I am able to provide the basics for my children. As far as food, Formula. Diapers, clothes, Roof over head, lights, heat, love, we also have a luxy item in the form of cable tv. To me these are the basic necessities of life. We just got cable in sept of this year after going 18 months of rabbit ears lol. There are soon years to come where I will not be using it at all and there my taxes that we Pay alone will end up replacing what we use now of the medicade. I just have a different opinion of it than others. I am not even on wic. I am just thankful for the support I have from you ladies. If we paid for the medical insureance through my dh's job then we would need to get food stamp assistance. Now in time my dh will get health inssurance that the company pays the preiums 100% but that only comes when he has 8-10 years in with the company and a certain posistion. since he just got the job in sept we are no way near being able to do it. So I am just doing what is available to me for the time being. And when I think about it I am just using what my mom paid in before she passed away. And all the years my mom needed help medically and was denied for anything because she was on a disabilitly (SSD) and counld not afford to pay almost half her check to get medical assistance and not beable to live in a home if she done that. So for now it is what it is for us.