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Thread: Thank you ladies for all the help

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    Default Thank you ladies for all the help

    With out you ladies I would not have gotten through this confusing time. My dh does not beleive it at all because of getting af but he is in bed and has not seen the digi result yet. So thank you all for being so supportive for me. As you all know I posted about some weird happinings with getting af and a bfp Well I finally have a definitive answer. I took a Digi I took one earlier today and it said not pg so I took another one just a few minutes ago since my ics appeared to have gotten darker and I got this on the digi tonight
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    if my hcg was not rising it would not have read pregnant it would have stayed reading not pg right. I am very worried though based on what a poster said about a possible eptopic. What are the signs of it other than pain?
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