Okay so I had unprotected sex Dec. 8th & 13th while I was still on the pill. Around that time there was a couple of times I didn't have the chance to take my pill at the same time. My period started on the 16th and I quit taking the pill on the 17th. My period was extremely not normal though. It started out with brown blood. Then over the night got really heavy. The 18th-20th it was just bright watery red and after it was done there was a little bit of spotting.
My symptoms over the past 2 weeks have been extreme fatigue. When I don't work my usual graveyard shifts I usually sleep more than 10 hours a night. I get random and strong cravings... nothing unusual though just foods I love like lasagna and pepperoni pizza. MY BOOBS HAVE BEEN HORRENDOUSLY PAINFUL. They are painful right now. The last time I had a beer about a week and a half ago it made me extremely nauseous, from just one beer. I also get nauseated at different times throughout the day and it seems like I get nausea if I consume sugar free foods. My lower back has been hurting a lot and I've been getting a lot of diarrhea. I do also get dizzy and lightheaded at times. Earlier tonight I was very constipated and at the same time nauseated along with lower backache all at once.
I've taken about 4 tests already and they have been negative. My period is expected tomorrow (Jan 13th). I should probably mention my last period came almost a week early. So my question is.. am I pregnant? Or are my hormones screwed up from quitting the pill? I really feel pregnant!!!