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Thread: Could you try and Answer this ; Feedback Please !

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    Red face Could you try and Answer this ; Feedback Please !

    i Ovulate 1-11th. had unprotected sex the second , third & the sixth. period isnt due untill next saturday. started bleeding light pink to red blood. can this be implantation?

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    Yes it could be.

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    also what are the chances of me being pregnant? , if also he cumed inside of me , almost each time?... &&& if this was to be my period , and not implantation ; then i received my period about 2 weeks early , what does this mean ? my period usually comes towards the end of the month.. & i heard i should have my period OR test positive on or around 1.19.13 - 1.26.13 so when should i test in your opinion ?

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    test 12 days from ovulation. I just had af and got a bfp so just because you get what you think is af does not mean it is it could very well be implantion bleeding

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    af ? ? bpf???

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    Quote Originally Posted by d&t_ View Post
    af ? ? bpf???
    yep lol strange I know but it just happened to me. Click my cat ticker to see my chart. 2 days of light af bleeding and the night my first day I tested and got something very light on a test didn't think to much because af was here but it has gotten darker and now a digi says pg.just incase you were asking AF stands for Aunt Flow (period) And bfp is for a big fat positive (positive pregnancy test)
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    well i hope i am chancesss ????????

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