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Thread: Hopeful but nervous and confused

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    So I am not sure what is going on. I was pretty sure that I wasn't preggo a few weeks ago when DH left for training but these past couple of days I have felt that, just maybe. I have some symptoms, but I also know that they could be anything. 1 that is odd to me is that around the time I should have O'd and about a week after, my boobs had this tingling feeling. Hurting I can understand, but they actually tingled. The tingling stopped and since they have been sore and hurting. I have been having to wear a sports bra to bed some nights and if I even try to go downstairs without supporting them in some way they hurt. They are more sensitive then usual. My back has been hurting more than usual, but that could be anything. Today I couldn't eat my waffles for breakfast cause they just didn't taste good and I had a sandwich and pickles for lunch (I've been eating pickles a lot lately) and I feel like I may vomit now. I want to be pregnant so I am nervous that this is all just wishful thinking. I have had some symptoms that make me think AF is going to rear her head on Thurs so I am pretty nervous and also confused by what seems like conflicting symptoms. Ok, I'm done. Thanks for listening and letting me vent some Ladies.

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    When is AF due? I am hopeful for you!

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    The 17th. I am trying to be hopeful. It's just been such a long a trying yr that I feel like I am going crazy!! Thanks for the support

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