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    DH and I were talking this morning and I think we are going to stop trying. We have a number of reasons but ultimately think that our family of 4 is just fine the way it is I wish all you ladies success on your ttc journeys!
    Megan (29) and Jayson (31) Happily married 9 years

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    Good luck! Your boys are so cute! We are kind of in the same boat but haven't totally discounted another down the road somewhere.

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    (((Hugs)))! I'm glad you have made a decision you know is right for you!! Hope you stop in regularly to let us know how things are going . Enjoy those beautiful boys! Take care momma...we'll miss you around here!

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    HUGS. I am glad you two came to this decision together, enjoy your two handsome boys!

    ~*~Katrina~*~ Momma to Xander, Hayden & Lily (6) and Jericho (3 1/2)

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