Luke was born 3 months premature. His Developmental Specialist warned me to look for signs of ADD when he approached Kindergarten-age due to his prematurity. He will be 5 in March.

I am struggling with the difference between ADD behavior and typical 5-year-old behavior. What is the difference?

Luke has the attention span of a fly. I have to ask him several times in the morning to get his shoes on, for example. Heíll start towards his shoes, and then stop to see his baby sister. Heíll start up again after a gentle reminder, and then stop to pick up a toy. This process continues on and on. It is not uncommon to ask him 10+ times before I put his shoes on myself because weíre in a time crunch. At school, the other children will be doing table work, and he will be looking around. I actually experienced this firsthand today. He had Muffins with Mommy day, and we had a monkey craft to complete. He colored half a leg before he was jumping off of his seat, looking around, distracting the little boy next to him. I asked him to cut out some of the arms and legs for me while I colored. He did cut out one of the legs, before he was right back to the same thing...looking around, wanting to run around, etc. The rest of the children had zero problems staying on task. I hate to compare, but it was something that struck me. Iíve never really seen him doing crafts in a school setting...itís always at home where he is the oldest child. I didnít realize that a child his age could actually complete a craft without getting up a bajillion times.

Anyway, just looking for some helpful tips on what to look for. I've never had/been around a child with ADD/ADHD. I was under the impression that it is diagnosed at an older age. After today, though, I wanted to get some insight from other Mommas.

Thank you!