I found out 1/3 that i am prego! according ot my calculations i am 5 w 2d.. I took about 6 tests over that weekand all were positive. I however was worrying because i have cramping like AF is coming. (everyone i talk to says this is normal)I am diabetic and nded up in the ER MOnday 1/7 with high blood sugar because of the pregancy. they gave me insulin and told my HCg level for being 4w 5d (at the time) was low i was either not as far along or the pregnancy was not progressing. thetas when i started to really strres. So my Dr ordered another blood test on 1/9. Thye called me 1/10 said my levels doubled and made an appointment for my 8 week. then they call me today 1/11 and tell me my dr wants another blood test that last one wasnt that high for how far along i say i am. So i am eithe rnot that far along ro there is something wrong with the pregnancy. I am not spotting or bleeding, I am still crmaping like AF is coming and I got another positive test this morning. Has anybody ever had this probelm? Cramping low HCG levels? I was told as long as the leves were doubling it didnt matter what they were.


Possitive tes 1/3
Hcg test 1/7 hcg level was 569.7
Hcg test 1/9 hcg level was 1127

I go for another test tomorrow, this will be along weekend waiting for monday to come to get the results of the 3rd hcg test.