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Thread: Beyond worried and overly stressed!

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    Default Beyond worried and overly stressed!

    I found out 1/3 that i am prego! according ot my calculations i am 5 w 2d.. I took about 6 tests over that weekand all were positive. I however was worrying because i have cramping like AF is coming. (everyone i talk to says this is normal)I am diabetic and nded up in the ER MOnday 1/7 with high blood sugar because of the pregancy. they gave me insulin and told my HCg level for being 4w 5d (at the time) was low i was either not as far along or the pregnancy was not progressing. thetas when i started to really strres. So my Dr ordered another blood test on 1/9. Thye called me 1/10 said my levels doubled and made an appointment for my 8 week. then they call me today 1/11 and tell me my dr wants another blood test that last one wasnt that high for how far along i say i am. So i am eithe rnot that far along ro there is something wrong with the pregnancy. I am not spotting or bleeding, I am still crmaping like AF is coming and I got another positive test this morning. Has anybody ever had this probelm? Cramping low HCG levels? I was told as long as the leves were doubling it didnt matter what they were.


    Possitive tes 1/3
    Hcg test 1/7 hcg level was 569.7
    Hcg test 1/9 hcg level was 1127

    I go for another test tomorrow, this will be along weekend waiting for monday to come to get the results of the 3rd hcg test.

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    I had a lot of cramping early in my pregnancy, that is normal. I did not have a blood test but from what I understand it is the doubling that matters, not the actual number itself.

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    It is also my understanding that doubling is all that matters are this point. Cramping is also very normal. I know that it is hard not to stress, but try not to do so!
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    These Dr.s (the ER and my OB) scare the crap out of me, and now im stressed and nervous. This is out 1st and very much wanted. Crossing fingers that everything is ok.

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    I'd ask if you can see a high risk ob/gyn to monitor your pregnancy. I wasn't born with diabetes but, went to a specialist with gestational diabetes and they are so much kinder than regular ob/gyn in my opinion. I had cramps and spotting at 5 weeks with my daughter. They didn't tell me a # range but, they told me as long as the HcG is doubling that's all that matters.

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