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I would WAY rather my child be a little bored for a bit in kindergarten than get held back. Besides there is no guarantee a child will be bored. They are all bored at some point when they come back after summer break, etc. Most teachers will give advanced kids something more enriching and the newness of school in general is enough to keep their minds busy imo.

As others mentioned, other issues come with being the youngest like going to college at 17 and also getting your license way later....or way earlier if you are the oldest lol.

In our district I don't think they will let you start early but can hold back if you feel your child isn't ready. I know someone DH works with has a DD who missed the cut off by a few days and she was pissed. Her kid could already read so she was quite advanced already. As far as I know she is doing fine and not bored at all.

On the other hand, there was a boy in DD's kinder class who was held back and it was kind of sad. DD loved this kid and she was so confused as to why he was still with the same teacher when she had a different one. They say it doesn't effect them but I think it does. They probably get over it after a while but it has got to be rough to be left behind on the FIRST year in school when you spend the whole year getting to know the other kids and making friends, going to birthday parties and then the following year you are left behind and have to do it all over again.....
It is true that boys are usually less mature than their female peers. We struggled with whether or not to send DS this year or wait another year because he is a June baby (the cut off here is Aug 1). My brother and my nephew were also summer babies who repeated K. DS is the most well behaved child in his class according to his teacher, but he has had some difficulty with reading. And he did go to PreK and we worked with him at home prior to starting K. He is caught up now, but it was very hard to watch him struggle. He is going to move to 1st grade next year though.

I don't think being held back in kindergarten would be a big deal. If a child struggles in kindergarten they might struggle through each grade. It would be better to be held back in Kindergarten then either struggle through school or be held back later on.