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Thread: when to start kindergarten?

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    Default when to start kindergarten?

    In Georgia the age/date cut off is Sept 1rst. Georiga also starts school in the beginning of August.

    Boden's birthday is Sept 8th (so he misses the cut off by 7 days). Okay, here's the question (right now he's we have a long time to figure this out but we were discussing last night because preschool registration is in 2 weeks. We will place him in a class of young 3s (he'll technically be 2 years old for 3 weeks when he starts preschool and then turn 3).

    He's my question: If you're child was near/at the cut off date, would you want your child to be the YOUNGEST in the class (so enter him into kindergarten when he is technically 4 years old (and then turns 5 a few weeks after school has started). Or would you want your child to be the OLDEST in the class (so enter him in kindergarten when he is technically 5 years old but then turns 6 years old a few weeks after school)?

    I know each child is different and indviduality is important, etc etc. DH was also born at the cut off date and his parents put him in "early" per se and he was the YOUNGEST in the class and did prefectly fine academically and he did exceptionally well in athletics (this is important to us because both DH and I are very athletic and we hope are kids will be too) (and I mention athletics because I know boys and girls are different---size and maturity wise so it might now be a big deal for a girl to be the youngest in the class but I wonder how it would effect a boy being the youngest. Know what I mean? But what would you do with Boden?! : )
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