When you were pregnant, did you have a strong sense that your baby would be one gender or the other? If so were you right?

I'm just curious as I have been able to with 3 of my past pregnancies and I have a strong felling of what this one may be too. The only one I was unsure of was with DS#1. When I was pregnant with DS#2 I just knew he was a boy even though 3 ultrasound techs told me he was a girl. Everyone in the family was shocked when HE was born, even though I tried telling them he was a boy from about 10 weeks on. I also knew right away with DD that she was a girl. I was so convinced that I was comfortable with buying girl clothes. I was right again, and again with DS#3. This time I have referred to the baby as her/she when talking about it. Although I kinda feel as if my wanting a girl has my brain into believing that.