Hey there, I am worried sick!
On December 29th 2012 I had unprotected sex. The day after I took a morning after pill just in case.. I had sex again a week after on January 5th 2013, unprotected but didn't take any pill because I know they are bad.

I was supposed to get my period around the 8th but I didnt. Instead I have had irregular strange bleeding (brownish). I had that for around three days, from the 7th to the 9th. Then yesterday and today I've just had blood drops but nothing that seems to look like my normal menstrual cycle. I have also had a wierd 'sting' feeling down there that is very uncomfortable.

Just to add on a little, my partner did not ejaculate inside of me at all.
What could be happening? Could it just be side effects to the P.P.M.S Ultra morning after pill I took?