I'm wondering if I should take a stupid pregnancy test. We are not TTC right now as we have an 8 week old foster daughter we are hoping to adopt, and after 16 months of fertility treatments and a m/c needed a serious break. I have Endo but haven't been able to have surgery for it yet, and I went back on the pill...I was only on it for a month and a half because I felt so awful on it and it made me SO hormonal. With a newborn at home I needed the hormones gone since I had that choice, and I quit taking it. We decided not to prevent since our chances on our own are probably zero.

So I quit the pill in the middle of my second pack, was fine for 2-3 days then bled for 7-9 days (I can't remember exactly). Right after I stopped bleeding with DTD one time. For days after that I had a ton of CM which I haven't had since I was on fertility drugs. I thought it was weird but dismissed it. Also, I was on the Lo Loestrin which is supposed to make your lining thin so you have very light AF. Well...a week after we DTD and I stopped bleeding I bled again. It probably would have been around the time I would have had AF if I'd stayed on the pill. I figured it was just that. Only, I bled for about 3ish days and never enough for more than one pantiliner a day. It's stopped now and my stupid boobs hurt and they usually don't after AF so I'm not sure what to think.

I'm pretty sure it's completely impossible and it'd be terrible timing, but should I take a test? I figure I'm just out of whack due to the pill right, even if I only took it for a month and a half? That's what I'm assuming, but I'm thinking of having DH pick up a test. Any advice?