No I am not a female. However I need some advice.

I was with my partner last night. Long story short. The condom broke, I did not cum, however I'm sure there was pre-cum. I know pre-cum still contains sperm. Now when I pulled out, the condom was wet, I couldn't tell if it was either or all of the above Pre-cum, her cum, or the lube on the condom.

We have had this accident before, and she took Plan B. Now, this is happening again, and I know she doesn't want to take Plan B again due to health reasons. I can't force her, so what can I do.

I'm stressing like hell, she's telling me not to worry. But baring a child at 22 is my worst nightmare.

It's been about 20 hours since we've had sex, and I know your supposed to take Plan B within the first 24 hours..if you do take it.

What should I do?