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    Hi everyone.

    I had a normal period last month starting around the 6th and ending the 9th. It was nothing unusual. Well my husband and I had sex a few times (I never wrote down dates) and it was always unprotected. Well about a week ago, I started getting symptoms such as slight cramping, nausea, sore breasts, and even lower back pain. I chalked it up to maybe a UTI until I realized I was a few days late according to an app I keep on my phone. I got a test but it came out negative. I have recently moved and didn't have a regular OBGYN, so I called a few places and got the first appointment I could get which is at the end of this month. Last night, I went into the bathroom and noticed some mucus like dark blood when I urinated. I figured I had just gotten my period. I put in a tampon and went to bed. I woke up this morning and discovered that my tampon was completely clean. I changed to a pad and didn't bleed again until about 5 hours later. It's light in flow and is mainly just red to light red. No dark color or pieces of my uterine wall like normal. I called the OBGYN I had scheduled an appointment with again and spoke with a nurse who said it could still be that I'm pregnant and that I needed to establish rather or not I was. The problem was she said, that I may not be able to show on a home test until I was further along. They couldn't get me in any sooner.

    So I guess, just to appease me right now, I'm looking for advice or if any of you experienced anything similar. Could I be pregnant or is it most likely just an off the wall type cycle? I appreciate all your help!

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    It could be anything unfortunately. I know it really sucks, but treating yourself as if you are pregnant until the doctor confirms that you are indeed not or AF shows up in a normal full force kind of way. It may be an off the wall cycle but it is best not to take chances. I have had symptoms and ended up not being pregnant and have been up to a weak late since we moved over the summer. I know some people can go 2 to 3 months before having a BFP on a HPT. It may be extremely difficult, but I would try to relax and not think about it since stress can hinder conception and if you are not indeed pregnant than you could still get pregnant.

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