I noticed my son doing this but I really didnt think much of it. I had no clue it was abnormal. His limbs and his head are in a constant moving state unless he is sleeping but then his little fingers are always moving. He can't sleep on his back or side without him waking himself up so I have to let him sleep on his belly. He is doing A ray charles head bob(best way I can explain it). He sways back and forth whether he is holding his head or up or laying down. His arms and legs are very figgidity. He does it a lot.
Well the dr was thinking he was blind so he sent us to the eye dr and the dr said he can see but his optic nerves was small. The weren't abnormal but they weren't normal so he was in between. So now his dr wants us to go see a neurologist. We have an appt scheduled for next Tuesday.

Another symptom of his, is he does not blink when something comes near his eyes. The dr wouldn't even give him his shots today. So do any of you ladies have experience with this. His eyes are not bouncing so they are thinking it has to be neurological and nothing to do with his vision. He also has trouble nursing. His head wants to move so he unlatches.

Please keep my little man in your thoughts and prayers. He is only 9 weeks old.

Have any of you heard of what this could be? Any opinions or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Trying to stay away from google. I hope this all made sense. Today has been a hard day especially on someone who is getting no sleep.