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    Wink It's working for me :)

    Hey guys,

    My story in a nutshell...I had 2 kiddos in 2 years (Aug '10 DD and Oct '11). Then I went through a messy divorce and my son was diagnosed with autism. The stress of it all wreaked havoc on my body and my eating habits. I've never been a small girl but at 235, I was NOT happy I tried a bunch of stuff and wasted a bunch of money. Counted calories... points... juice fasts... I would lose and regain the same 10-15lbs. Then I met a mom at a group for mom's with kids with special needs and she introduced me to Skinny Fiber. I was totally skeptical of course but figured what the heck. It's all natural, no caffine, no stimulants, my doc said it was safe and if it didn't work I could return it. (something else I was skeptical of) Either way it was cheaper than the barely touched bag of shakeology sitting on top of my fridge Long story short, I started taking 2 capsules twice a day and low and behold.... this crap works!!! In my first 2 weeks on it, I lost 11 lbs and over 6 inches and I was like heck yeah!! lol I just thought I'd share cuz I don't think the company does any sort of advertising, it's all word of mouth so if you don't know someone on it, you'll never hear about it. So many people kept asking me if I was losing weight, that I became a distributor for it. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.
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