Okay so I have not gotten my period since Nov. 23rd and it is now Jan. 08. My partner and I had sex the night I was done with my period on nov. 28 and a few more times after that. The condom has never breaked. But we did use a whole pack of the wrong sized condoms.. Could some of the semen have leaked out? Well Moving on, around December 13-18 not so sure of the day I began to feel nauseous and very sick to my stomach. A headachr And I got a slight fever and some diarreah. But that was soon over like 2-3 days later. Though I don't have a sensitive smell or really sore boobs or any of those weird symptoms. I have been gaining a lot of wait these past months and feeling really lazy for no reason at all. My nipples have changed color and im beginning to get constant head aches Please can anyone help??!