Just for starters, I'm going to go ahead and say I do NOT want a child. I don't know if all this information is necessary. It's helping me vent a bit, I guess.

I started taking BC pills on November 10th and the doctor said I should take a whole months worth to be protected from pregnancy. My boyfriend and I "had sex" (it hurt so bad that barely anything happened) over Thanksgiving break without condoms despite this information. I went back to school and had a really light period (Dec 10-12) but I figured it was because I had just started BC.

On December 20th we went on a date that involved being outside in the 40 degree cold for hours and I got really nauseous and threw up all over his lawn (great memory, eh?). I went home and threw up three more times and it hurt to pee so I figured I had a UTI. I called my sister (a pediatrician) the next morning and she said I probably had a UTI and prescribed antibiotics to take for 5 days. I felt okay a few days later but waited until I wasn't taking antibiotics to have sex again. I think I didn't wait long enough because I'm pretty sure antibiotics mess with the effectiveness of BC pills, which is why I'm afraid I could be pregnant. On December 27 and 28, I rode my horse and noticed I was bleeding afterwards, but when I changed underwear, there wasn't anymore blood. It was only there after riding. One of the side effects of taking BC pills is spotting so I figured it wasn't a big deal.

Anyway, New Years Eve I had a sore throat and I was really tired so I didn't go out. I noticed that night that my boobs looked kind of bigger and they hurt, and it seemed like I gained a little weight but I hadn't been eating very well so that didn't bother me too much. I all of a sudden got this sick feeling in my stomach that I could be pregnant and it has been making me paranoid ever since. I expressed my concern to my boyfriend and he said that I was probably just being paranoid, but he would support me either way and I should not worry about it. We decided we would definitely get condoms before we had sex again.

I was supposed to start my period today but it hasn't happened. I'm wondering how early I can take a pregnancy test that would still be accurate. Should I go to the doctor or buy an at home test? And I guess if it comes back positive that's a whole new thread... :/