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Thread: Should I take a pregnancy test?

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    Question Should I take a pregnancy test?

    After having my second child I had tubal ligation done in 2007. But my last cycle started on the 22nd of November of last year and I never did have my cycle in December. But my cycle for this month is supposed to start on the 23rd. Lately I've been having these very mild cramps off and on in the pelvic area and lower back, been feeling bloated, keep headaches, and sometimes feel a little light headed and lately it's been in the 50's and 60's and I would be walking around with a short sleeve shirt on. In December I came down with a head cold that didn't last for very long, then after christmas I came down with another cold that I'm pretty much over with now. Lately I've been wearing a panty liner in case it starts by surprise but recently I've been noticing a very very light line on it that looks a bit yellowish brown. Should I take a test or should I wait longer?

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    I would personally take a test.
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    i would test just to ease my mind!

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    You should test I had most of those symptoms and mistook it for PMS when I was actually pg! KUP.

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    My gyn warned me to take a test anytime I was concerned about pregnancy after my tubal because from the words directly out his mouth were "$hit happens". Get one of those cheapies from the dollar store. If its positive get to a doctor right away to check to see if its tubal pregnancy outside the uterus.

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