Many people I know find their community, support and friends through church. If you live a secular lifestyle, where do you find yours? I've had a difficult time since we moved to a new city five years ago finding a sense of community, a place to "belong." At various times in my life I've found it in my workplace, through volunteering, and even at my dd's previous school. Now none of those are really options (I work at home and my older dd is in high school). I belong to a couple of moms' groups, but the playgroups have fizzled out as kids have gotten to preschool age and they were mostly about getting kids together anyway. I volunteered a lot at a center for memory-impaired adults before Noe came along, but having a toddler at home I can't do it anymore (and to be honest, I did not find community there, although I did find purpose).

I've lately found myself a little envious of relatives who are very involved in their churches because of all of the support and cameraderie they have. When dh was watching "Sons of Anarchy" and I found myself feeling envious of the biker gang, however ("They always have so many friends around and they're always helping each other," I sighed to dh) I knew I had to figure something out!

I grew up involved in church and sometimes I miss the ritualistic aspect of it as much as the community. I've thought of trying out the local Unitarian Universalist congregation to see if it might fit my needs, but dh says he would never go (he didn't grow up with church and doesn't like having to belong to a group of people, plus he gets plenty of community bonding at work) so it would be just me. My parents, who are very devout evangelical Christians, might actually keel over if they knew I was considering it -- I think they'd rather I went to no church at all than to a "false" church. But I'm at a loss for other ways to fill that need. I have hobbies and have tried to meet people to connect with in those ways, but it's very haphazard. I'm looking for something regular. I've even thought about getting an outside job, but that doesn't seem to be something that will work out right now with dh's long hours and the cost of childcare in our area.

I don't want to have to join a biker gang!