Hi guys. So I did a bot very good job with the pills last month and think I may be pregnant. I took my last pill on Thursday, I have a normal 28 day cycle and should have started AF on Saturday. It's Monday and still no AF. I have taken two tests, one last night and one this morning and both negative. I have no cramps and by this time I would be taken medicine for the pain. I'm frustrated because I'd like to know one way or the other. Definitely wouldn't mind getting pregnant, I would be thrilled and I know DH would be too but I don't want to get myself let down. My girlfriend says I should call my OB but I was going to wait to see if I started today. When I say I messed up on my pills I mean I missed two days in a row and I think we might have had sex around that time and it was about day 14 in my pill pack so I think I may have been ovulating? Not sure, you all are more knowledgeable than me so I'd love the insight. Thanks in advance!