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Thread: Just need some answers...

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    Default Just need some answers...

    Me and my dh have been trying to conceive off and on for almost 4 years now.. We had a miscarriage in 2009.. but haven't been able to get pregnant since...

    I've been taking prenatal I've changed my diet.. we both have.. He takes his daily vitamin and we both exerciser almost daily.. Lol

    We have been keeping track of my ovulation days... and my period... I had a period November 13th and it ended on the 17th.. It was a normal period for me..
    I was due to start December 11th... buuuuut I didnt... We have taken 6 pregnancy tests... all negative.... I have been having some symptoms... Tender breasts (Which I also get before I get ready to start..) Weird cravings that I cant even pin point.. Been having cramps..(When Im about to start I get cramps so bad they go all the way down to my right knee and it just aches so bad I curl up in a ball.. lol) these are different they are just in my lower abdomen.. I have been getting this white stuff..(Which I also get right before I start..) But this has been ALOT for about 2 and half weeks now..I have felt really fatigued...(Which I dont normally get when Im about to start..)
    My most recent test was tonight...
    Im so confused...and lost...
    I get so frustrated because I get really excited and than the tests come back negative...

    I dont have the money atm to see a regular Im at a loss.. I dont know what to think I dont know what to do... Im just so tired....

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    Anyone have any ideas at all?

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    Maybe you could see if there is a free/low cost clinic like a planned parenthood that will do a blood test for you.

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