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Thread: Unbelievable Pregnancy Sypmtoms

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    Okay, I need someone who will actually listen, and give advice based on my case.

    On December 30, my boyfriend and I had sex with a condom, but it end up slipping off. In the end there is no doubt about it, unprotected sex was the case. I didn't worry about it because I knew my period always starts on the 5th of every month. It is now nearly the 7th (we in Australia on vacation, mate) and nothing of the usual is happening. I usually never no symptoms leading up to my period (tender breast, cramping, bloated-zip, nada). My period is probably the most predicable thing in my life. Yet, today I started feeling some mild cramping and I couldn't even put my bra on this morning my breast hurt soooo bad, but no period. I know it was only 6 days before my period, but is it possible that I could be and when should I take a test? Any more questions, just ask.

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    At this point it is way to early to test. Give it a few more days before you worry to much. I had the most predicable period for 10 years or more and it has been different for the past 2 months. Enjoy your trip for and try not to worry to much!

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    Test after your period is 2 weeks late. Its possible that you are pregnant but, it would be really early. Use condoms until you have your period and think about other options for birth control if your period does start. The pill, the shot, IUDs, etc.
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    I think if your period was due on the 5th, by December 30 it was long past your fertile time. I would think you would O more around December 22ish, give or take a few days. I would say your chances of conceiving on the 30th were on the low side.
    The fact that you are on vacation could make your cycle strange.

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