Hi ladies,

This is my first month back to TTC. We've been dtd every other day and last night I got my first positive OPK. It was still positive this morning which usually means I'll ovulate today.

But- I started getting sick yesterday. I used the opportunity to get some Mucinex to try to improve cm anyway, but it's not cutting it. Woke up every couple hours all night. I'm taking max strength robitussin CF now. And Tylenol, since I was running a low grade fever when I woke up at 6. So, my temps aren't going to be reliable, but oh well. So here's my question. Do you think we've got any shot if I'm taking cold medicine and have a borderline fever? I'll have to see if I have the energy to dtd today and tomorrow anyway, but it would suck to just lose a month. Do you think pre seed would help if it's just a matter of drying out my cm? Or will them temp increaseess things up?

Thanks for your thoughts!