Both my husband & I have recently started taking Fertility Blend. (He's taking the men's version of course ) I got what I "thought" to be AF on Thursday,January 3rd, so I decided to start taking Fertility Blend. It was late so I decided to only take one pill for that day. I didn't realize it then, but my "AF" wasn't very normal. My AF usually begins with bright red for a couple hours, then she's in full force! This time was different. Instead of bright red blood there was brown blood. I only had to use one tampon that day. The following day (Friday) I took 3 per day as the bottle says. The brown discharge was gone completely. My husband and I had sex that night and I had very slight light pink spotting. I was expecting to wake up this morning to AF, but today nothing. No spotting, no brown discharge, nothing. My last period was on November 27th, 2012. I normally have a 30-31 day cycle. I took multiple hpt's when I first "missed" my period but they were all negative. I've never spotted this way during periods, so I'm quite confused Do you guys think taking the Fertility Blend caused this or what?