My name is Lindsey and I am new to this forum! I have had one healthy pregnancy which resulted in the birth of my 4 year old son. For the last half of 2012 my husband and I have been trying for a new baby. We got pregnant in July and then miscarried in Aug (at 9 weeks). Then at the end of Nov we conceived again miscarrying at 5 weeks (they called that one a chemical pregnancy and were shocked that we even got a positive test). We are very excited because we are pregnant again (4 weeks). I know that my husband and I can have a healthy child (and pretty cute too) yet I've still been battling fear. I could really use a support system and prayers (we aren't announcing our pregnancy until after an ultrasound). If anyone has a similar story that ended with a healthy baby I would love to hear it. If not prayers are always needed. I look forward to meeting some mommies who love God and being a part of this encouraging group!