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    My name is Lindsey and I am new to this forum! I have had one healthy pregnancy which resulted in the birth of my 4 year old son. For the last half of 2012 my husband and I have been trying for a new baby. We got pregnant in July and then miscarried in Aug (at 9 weeks). Then at the end of Nov we conceived again miscarrying at 5 weeks (they called that one a chemical pregnancy and were shocked that we even got a positive test). We are very excited because we are pregnant again (4 weeks). I know that my husband and I can have a healthy child (and pretty cute too) yet I've still been battling fear. I could really use a support system and prayers (we aren't announcing our pregnancy until after an ultrasound). If anyone has a similar story that ended with a healthy baby I would love to hear it. If not prayers are always needed. I look forward to meeting some mommies who love God and being a part of this encouraging group!


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    Welcome! Praying you have a healthy baby!

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    Hi Lindsey! Welcome! Haven't had your particular experience...but we STC for our first and now for our second. Prayers go out to you and for a healthy pregnancy!
    ~Jenn~ Mom to Ethan - my heart surgery survivor - born 6/29/09

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    Hi there and congratulations!! I miscarried my first at 10 weeks (heartbreaking) and the had a healthy baby boy Jan 09. We got pregnant with our second after about 4 months of trying and discovered at 16 weeks that our baby had a congenial heart defect that would immediately require surgery after birth. (Although after initial diagnosis the drs thought they would have to do a procedure in utero--that was scary!)

    Anyway, the point to the story is that I now have 2 boys who are my world. I had to learn to trust my body bc it knows what it is doing even if I don't. And just pray and lean on God..whether He feels far away or in your heart. And sometimes when you don't know what to say or pray, it's okay bc He knows just what you're trying to say.

    KUP-you found a great support system in this forum. Not just this room, but all of them. This is a great group of girls!

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    Congratulations and welcome! Prayers for a healthy pregnancy, and hope you find the encouragement and support you are looking for here.

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    Congrats! Just now seeing this.

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    Congrats! I had two healthy babies and then miscarried three times in a row (12 weeks and two at 5 weeks). I am now pregnant again and am at 24 weeks. I do hope that you are leaning on the Lord and are looking forward to the birth of your child.
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